This list contains recent Journal Articles, Reports, and Theses/Dissertations

  1. Richter, Joseph P., Joshua M. Weisberger, Brian T. Bojko, Joseph C. Mollendorf, and Paul E. DesJardin. "Numerical modeling of homogeneous gas and heterogeneous char combustion for a wood-fired hydronic heater." Renewable energy 131 (2019): 890-899.

  2. Weisberger, Joshua M., and Paul E. DesJardin. "Sensitivity of Blended Baseline Fitting Method for Direct Absorption Spectroscopy." In AIAA Scitech 2019 Forum, p. 0029. 2019.


  1. Weisberger, Joshua M., Joseph P. Richter, Ronald A. Parker, and Paul E. DesJardin. "Direct absorption spectroscopy baseline fitting for blended absorption features." Applied optics 57, no. 30 (2018): 9086-9095