This list contains recent Journal Articles, Reports, and Theses/Dissertations

  1. Richter, Joseph P., Joshua M. Weisberger, Brian T. Bojko, Joseph C. Mollendorf, and Paul E. DesJardin. "Numerical modeling of homogeneous gas and heterogeneous char combustion for a wood-fired hydronic heater." Renewable energy 131 (2019): 890-899.

  2. Aphale, Siddhant S., and Paul E. DesJardin. "Development of a non-intrusive radiative heat flux measurement for upward flame spread using DSLR camera based two-color pyrometry." Combustion and Flame 210 (2019): 262-278.


  1. Weisberger, Joshua M., Joseph P. Richter, Ronald A. Parker, and Paul E. DesJardin. "Direct absorption spectroscopy baseline fitting for blended absorption features." Applied optics 57, no. 30 (2018): 9086-9095